How can I start earning with PLDT Cyberya

PLDT KaAsenso  Cyberya might sound new to the ears of many but is actually all around us nowadays. You can see it  in  stores, shops, restaurants. It is actually as common as your ordinary payphone, it is known by the name of PISOnet. There were times that  the Philippine society is challenged by  the Press People of what an  ordinary  Juan can buy with one peso, now there is an obvious answer. With  the dawn of PISOnet and Cyberya, one peso can mean four minutes of  internet surfing or even  gaming.

The Cyberya is a project  of  PLDT KaAsenso to pave the way  for  business owners in having substantial extra income. It may also be a jump start for those who want to have their own business. It is powered by Intel graphics  HD card and processor, has a hard drive capacity of 320 GB, 2 G DDR,broadband connectivity of up to 3 Mbps, a genuine Windows  Operating System and the package also comes with a 15.6″ LED monitor. The unit comes with a coin slot where customers can put their barya and be connected to the world wide web. When you  buy an ordinary  pisonet, the seller’s liability stops on the actual  purchase. Cyberya has a 2-year long warranty for parts and service. PLDT mkes all efforts to support you in being a successful minigosyante because they know how important it is to have technical support especially when your just beginning.


The amount of  revenue anyone can generate with  Cyberya is dependent on a few determinable factors, such as:

  1. Location- Make sure that your going to put your unit far away from any  existing Cyberya units. Conduct an ocular survey if your not familiar wit the place since you need to have your potential  customers be exposed to the unit. (e.g. schools, malls, gas stations and your own neighborhood)
  2. Running time-  The longer your Cyberya unit operates, the more customer it gets so it increases your returns. You don’t need to worry because it is safe to have the unit running for a max of 16 hours a day, plus if no one is using your Cyberya unit, it will automatically be on a sleep mode so it doesn’t consume much electrical energy.

You can check out a sample computation right here so you can see when will you get your capital and start earning from  PLDT Cyberya.



How to apply  for  the PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya is very easy, here are the steps that you need to follow:


Here are the payment terms available:




For more information  you  can visit the PLDT Home Cyberya site