How to share internet connection of a USB stick

Ever had the problem of only having 1 usb stick for internet and a lot of devices to connect?

First of all, you cant connect a mobile phone to the internet using a usb stick.

Lets take into assumption that you are using a jurassic phone. ( one of those early models of android phone that crawls when you use it as a hotspot.)

What do you do? Well, you can go to cdr king and buy 2 things:

1. a pocket wifi device( the popular kind) that costs around 2,000 php.

2. buy one of their 3g /dongle/powerbank/ portable hotspot/ others that costs about 990

(review for that will come out soon as soon as I buy one.)

Or do the Simba thing. ( simbangis pero di simmahal – hehehe)

Get a tablet (of course assuming you have one, which makes most people.)

Get an extension cable -why? coz most likely you will end up using it a long time, and the power for the tablet will run out. Using an extension cable will allow you to plug in the tablet.


Boom! You have internet connection to at least 5 more devices!!!

FYI – make sure to adjust the sleep period of your tablet to the longest possible time. If the screen shuts offs and hibernates -you will lose connection.





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