How to start your own call center.

How to start your own call center?

First of all, dont get into the call center business if you have never had any experience in the Call Center industry. or dont have anyone that you trust that you can rely on.

So, now you want to start your own center. First, you need to have an account. By account, I mean a campaign or project.

Campaigns are usually classified as 2 types:

1. Inbound

2. Outbound.

It’s a lot easier to find outbound campaigns than inbound campaigns. A lot riskier too.

Once you have your campaign, you need your office or center to run the campaign from. You have 2 options to this:

A. Build your center from ground up. Find a suitable office space, rent it. Buy the partitions, tables , computers, chairs , headsets and the various other things that you will need. Apply for the internet connection. ( If you dont know what you need – ask around.)

Setup the office for use.

After that your set to go!

B. Lease you office space requirements.

There are a lot of facilities that offer seat leasing. Basically, it means that you lease the seats ( usually means 1 table/ chair/ pc plus internet connection) from a company that offers those services.

When seat leasing, its very important to keep in mind a couple of things.

1. Noise level in the site ( Too many people doing calls means higher level of noise and makes it harder for you and the person you are talking to, to understand each other.

2. Internet bandwidth available.

3. Office location

4. Availability of places to eat. (especially at night)

To get a better understanding about outsourcing, download this free outsourcing guide.


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