Infor and what it takes to work there…

Infor and what it takes to work there..

Remember a couple of days ago, we were able to find a company that also allows some of its employees to work at home.. so as promised we were able to secure an interview with Ms. Gayle Chu, a graduate of Comm Arts from Saint Louis Baguio and has been working for Infor for 4 years and8 months… Gayle is also the Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition in Infor..and also part of the HR Team in People Engagement team involved in trainings and organizational culture. What does Gayle do most of the time? Well, she is part of the team that actively searches and looks for talented people to work for Infor that fits the criteria for the job openings.


So, you are asking how to apply? Same as any other company.. you need to either email your resume or hand it in at their office… but mind you… they don’t interview the same day you hand in your resume… so , once they start shortlisting the candidates.. HR will go through the resumes submitted , check the qualifications of those that submitted their resumes..HR then short lists it….the initial interview will be done by HR over the phone to validate all the details submitted.. Next is the technical review or interview with a Technical Lead to review and go over the technical skills of the applicant. Next is the interview with the manager for the account. How long for the entire process, end to end till you get a job offer? It actually depends on the position but it usually lasts 1 month to 2 months from the start of the Application Process to the Onboarding… and usually ends with the overall manager in charge interview or about 3 stages….not including the technical or written tests.

How to find if Infor has job openings? Try looking at Jobstreet, Monster LinkedIn, and the Infor Career Webpage at – that’s where they usually post job openings.

Gayle has been with Infor for almost 5 years… which is not an easy feat.. with all the companies out there looking for talented people and with the trend of people staying only a year or 2 in the BPO industry.. lasting 5 years is something else.. We asked Gayle why she has stayed with Infor and here are some of her reasons.

“One of the things I like best is that I can ask my boss for help in developing my career in the path in what I am interested in and at the same time they help support my growth …Like now I am specializing in Talent Acquisition, but I want career development in HR as a Generalist”

One of the other things that Infor does a lot for its valued employees is that besides that fact that they are flexible with the career paths of their employees is the fact that they also support their employees in the sense of continued education… for example.. you are a developer that needs to continue studying about x type of programming, as long as the company deems it necessary in your growth and line of work.. then Infor usually supports the studying up to a certain amount that is approved.. How cool is that? I personally know only a few companies that actually still do support the growth of their employees.

Infor also has a number  of Landed Resources – which basically means people that they work in their office but in someone else s office or someplace else especially those consultants that get sent abroad to help facilitate in the implementation of projects or Infor solutions.

Want to know more? Keep on reading as we get deeper into what and who is Infor and what it takes to work there.



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