International Labor Organization: “Not just work, decent work”

It was my first time to be acquainted with ILO and to its country director Mr. Jeff Johnson. He initially asked us a series of questions that will at the end help us understand the role and importance of this agency to our country’s development. It was a bit intriguing at first because I knew intuitively that he was trying to arrive at a conclusion which will picture what the core concern of the labor force is here in the country. For my readers, try to ask these questions to yourself as well.

ILO Country  Director, Mr. Jeff Johnson
ILO Country Director, Mr. Jeff Johnson

1. What percent of the Filipino people do you think is unemployed?

2. Do you think the vendors, sari-sari store owners or house help are unemployed?


Join the ILO's campaign against  child labor
Join the ILO’s campaign against child labor

Ultimately, Mr. Johnson was tryng to point out and eventually said that most of our citizens are actually employed; but the question is does everybody do their work with the same rights, protection and probability for growth? One good example is, do all house helps’ employers contribute for the former’s SSS and PhlHealth? That’s up to you guys to answer and to ponder on, as for me I’d rather not have paid help at home and I’m willing to live with it. He calls these as vulnerable employment. As ILO would put it, “not just work, but decent work.” I totally agree with them. He emphasized the fact that if jobs are more sustainable and are.more secure for the masses then economic growth and over all development would be in a steady rising slope. Moreover, our alarming unemployment for newly graduates has become undoubtedly ridiculous. Even so, there is rationale reason for what predisposes them of this stature which roots from culture and the greater evil of it all, that is-uninformed choice.

Here in the Philippines , it is a norm to not seek work right after graduating. Why would anybody, if there is free shelter, food and all necessities at times even luxuries made available at the comfort of your own home without beng asked for anything in exchange. I wouldn’t know, because I came from a middle class family that functions only if we are compensated for the work we do. Or perhaps, if you often not reach to the point of regularization since the work you applied for is not actually the one you dream of doing everyday. Mr. Johnson also did mention that entrepreneurship is not something that everybody can be good and excel at so all the more it is important that we, as a people be involved in making each other realize that there’s something wrong and we need to help make it right in our own little way.

For me, one thing everybody can do is know your own rights as a human being and as an employee or probably as a citizen of a country who the government should serve as an advocate of its own greatest resource and that is its PEOPLE.


UN's different leaders of different agencies. Let us help them  make a difference in our own  special way.
UN’s different leaders of different agencies. Let us help them make a difference in our own special way.