IPACPh2014, How did I keep connected? GOSURF!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Sarangani Province to cover the 1st International Paragliding Accuracy Championship held at Safi Ranch , Maasim Sarangani.

The Ranch is situated a couple of kilometers outside the city proper, about 20-30 minutes drive with the last stretch being rough roads going up the hill. The plateau in which the landing zone was located was probably a couple hundred meters above sea level.

Being gone for 4 days and 3 nights was a bit rough for both me and my family sice she was left all alone with the kids. Thankfully it was a holiday on the last day(monday)

Good thing that I was using Globe as my primary number, why? Globe had a better, stronger and more consistent signal in the landing area. One of the main points we had to do there was do a semi live coverage of the event with live updates in the facebook page for IPACPH2014. Good thing I used GOSURF50

gosurf plans

Having 250 mb data allocation with free Spotify helped me send all the updates that I needed to do during the 3 day coverage and also pass the time listening to my favorite artists via live streaming on Spotify.

That’s why I had my data plan from another telco already cut and continue using the GOSURF plans from Globe Telecom.


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