IPACPH2014 or International Paragliding Accuracy Championship

Here’s a sneak peek at the fliers we caught in the 1st day of the IPACPH2014 or International Paragliding Accuracy Championship held in Safi Farm, Sarangani


The event has a total of 51 registrants for the 1st day with 34 competitors. The peak that they are jumping or flying from is about 1,000 feet above sea level.


And there’s one of the paragliders from the Philippines proudly sporting the Philippine colors.


And did you know that paragliders flying here can reach upto 1,500 feet in the apex of their flight?

One of the famous personalities that has paragliding as his sport is Ian Veneracion, and as a testament to the safety of the sport, Ian is also flying with his son and daughter.


Draco ( Ian’s son with Jig and the Sports Unlimited Team)

The goal of the competition is for the best pilot to be able to be successfully touchdown on the small sensor target pad.



Not to worry, here’s one paraglider who I think landed on the spot to keep your hopes up.



That white stuff is to help the Marshals exactly know where the paraglider landed 1st. And its made of limestone powder.





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