Is your Refrigerator clean as clean can be?LG has the Answer

How clean is your refrigerator?


Global technology innovator LG Electronics addresses the often underestimated issue of food safety inside the refrigerator with a proprietary technology that effectively filters air inside the fridge.


Aptly dubbed as Hygiene Fresh™, this exclusive LG technology is actually a four-stage filtering system that sterilizes and deodorizes air inside the refrigerator.


The four-step process includes pre-filtering of dust, hepa-filtering of fungi spore which can cause food poisoning, sanitation filtering of bacteria, and deodorization filtering of odor. According to laboratory tests conducted by LG’s research and development team, Hygiene Fresh™ eliminates 99.99 percent of airborne bacteria and odor, thus, maintaining freshness and safety of stored food items longer.


The outstanding sterilization performance of LG’s patent air purifying technology has also been verified by the Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science, a renowned test and research facility in Japan.


“Like other appliances, refrigerators need to be regularly cleaned and aired to ensure that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria,” Youngmin Chae, vice president of LGEPH home appliances, said. “LG’s Hygiene Fresh™ system helps our customers manage this task. Our four-stage filtering system comes with a fan that actively sucks in contaminated air, sends it out via powerful filters and cools the fridge.”


Organic cleansing


LG’s Hygiene Fresh™ system uses anti-microbial ginseng extracts which coat the filters. This allows for an organic and safer purifying process.


Unlike hygiene features of other fridge manufacturers which use ozone-emitting plasma, Hygiene Fresh™ filters are environment- and health-friendly because they are free from the noxious effects of ozone gas.


Optimized features


The Korean electronics giant’s Hygiene Fresh™ technology complements a full set of health, convenience and safety features specially designed into its latest line of refrigerators.


LG’s Linear Compressor system uses a unique direct transmission mechanism which minimizes mechanical loss thus saving energy, increasing durability and reducing operational noise. Meanwhile, the innovative Door-in-Door feature redefines convenience and helps minimize energy consumption by limiting the escape of cold-air whenever the fridge is opened.


Chae added, “More than the convenience it offers, the Hygiene Fresh™ technology emphasizes our commitment to innovation and to harnessing technology for safer consumer use.”


The Hygiene Fresh™ technology is currently available in four of LG’s top-of-the-line refrigerator models: three Door-in-Door, side-by-side units (GR-J277WSBN, GR-J237JSXN, GR-M237AGNN) and one two-door unit (GR-M602GSHH).


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