Isagani Malaya, 1st Aeta UP graduate also masters mobile photography

First Aeta UP grad masters the Art of Mobile Photography with Cloudfone Excite Prime 2

Picture problems? Here are 3 awesome photography tips from Norman King!

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Lack of funds should never be a reason not to strive to reach your dreams.. as proven by Norman King a.k.a Isagani Malaya by being the first Aeta to graduate from the University of the Phiippines a couple of months ago. Isagani Malaya earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts, Major in Behavioral Sciences. Aside from his dream of finishing college, another passion for the yung Aeta is his love for photography which is partly due to his father, the current Chairman of Porac Ayta Ancestral Domain Federation.

But despite his love for photography, Norman didnt want to buy a smart phone, since according to him… the value of the phone was already equal to a couple of sacks of rice


And comes in the power of social media.,After seeing the post, Marc Soong, Autostrada Motore Inc.’s Executive Director tapped Cloudfone, the fastest growing smartphone and technology company in the country to collaborate with this young photographer to enable him to not just capture beautiful shots, but to be able to immediately share them to the rest of the world to witness the conservative and preserved culture and tradition of the Aetas.

L-R: Norman King, first Aeta UP Graduate and Eric S. Yu, Cloudfone President and CEO

Life is a never-ending process of learning, you keep learning things every now and then,” King mentioned. Now, he can incorporate his digital camera skills to mobile photography seamlessly.

Want to get some tips from Isagani Malaya on Photography? Read on……

1.”There is no such thing as subject, I call it ‘masterpiece’.”

Knowing your surrounding is the best way to discipline and exercise your photography skills. Most people say it’s all about the setting and the shoot location, but for Norman anything can just be the perfect masterpiece. With natural lighting outside the Aeta ancestral ground, he can play with different areas and capture stunning photos of species. For him, nature is the best backdrop. This masterpiece was taken using the 13MP Rear Camera of the Cloudfone Excite Prime

  1. When I take photos, I take it at the right time, at the right place”

Every photo is priceless and the main advantage of timely taken photos is that it makes the photo more memorable and relevant.  While some would look for the best strategy to take good photos, sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect timing. Whether you’re in a celebration, family gathering or simply filming your dog’s expression just like Norman’s photo, the timing and place just makes any photo more interesting. Luckily, most of us owe it to our ever-reliable phones with advanced camera features. With Cloudfone Excite Prime 2, every visual looks perfect. Plus, you can enjoy the Bokeh Effect feature which adds to the very artsy picture you plan to share online.

  1. Awesome moments need #NoFilter”

Norman is one of those aspiring photographers who believe in authenticity. Editing apps that can be installed can be handy but if your phone is capable of taking quality selfies and photos, you can leave editing apps behind. When you are surrounded by sunsets, species in their normal habitat, and native lifestyle, who needs to filter life?

Just like Norman, everyone can score awesome photos worth sharing online through Excite Prime 2’s 13MP Rear Camera with Professional Mode, Panorama, and High Definition Range (HDR).

Lastly, when asked what features made Norman excited about his new phone, he enumerated the following:

  1. Superpixel – (especially since he is a fan of macro shots) lets you capture the particulars of your ‘masterpiece’ through smoothening the details of the images enabling consumers to see up to the tiniest detail
  2. Professional – lets you customize and adjust the lighting according to your preference including White Balance, ISO, Sharpness, Color Saturation, Exposure, etc.

So, what reason do you have to not be able to take quality photos? Just follow Norman’s tips, use the quality camera of the Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 smartphone for only PhP5,999, and begin seeing the world, as Norman does; in a much more creative and beautiful light!















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