Jabra PRO 935 wireless headset

If you’re a person that takes so many calls in a day, or works in a call center, here’s a solution you might want to look into.


With 7 days standby time,and upto 12 hrs talk time – the Jabra Pro 935 should have more than enough juice to get you thru the day unless you work 15 hrs a day.

One thing that you should remember about this headset is that it is a bluetooth headset. So you either use it with your PC or Mobile phone. I guess you can use it with IP phones as long as they have bluetooth capability.

Supposedly according to the specifications it should work upto 100 meters away from the base. Or upto 300 feet away. I guess that must be if you had a clear and unobstructed view. All I know is it still sounds fine upto about 20 feet from my table and that’s after I went outside my office -so it had to pass though 2 walls.

Did I mention it also supports NFC?

Did I also mention that you can listen to music with the Jabra Pro 935 headset? I tested it using Spotify on my phone.


See those 3 buttons? those are the controls for the volume up and down. Middle button is for the mute function.

You can also use the headset with your PC. As long as it has Bluetooth capability. If not – you will need to buy one of those bluetooth dongles and manually pair it. Tested with skype and eyebeam and it works.


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