James Hardie Flooring: Living without compromise


You guys might have read my article about  the Look Home magazine, which is may I say again, insightful and informative. This time around I was amazed about James Hardie’s new product launched on that  very same day as the magazine. All throughout the years that JH has been in the Philippine market, they have been providing us with  great products such as, ceilings, walls, wet area walls, eaves and a lot of other construction materials. With the increase in jobs generating here in the metro begets also the increase in demand of the need to live near work. With limited lot area, developers have seen the projected need for vertical housing, examples are: condominiums, apartelles and suites. This is not as simple as it may seem though because  our country is well-known for disasters of nature that have and still are putting more and more pressure on how us, as homeowners can make sure that our home is safe from all of these.



Ms Gelli Victor, DJ of Monster Radio talking about LIVEvolution
Ms Gelli Victor, DJ of Monster Radio talking about LIVEvolution


“’LIVEvolution™’ is a movement we started last year,” says Mark Sergio, James Hardie Philippines’ Sales and Marketing director. “Time and time again, we have seen how typical Filipinos would waste time and money in having their house built and rely on substandard materials due to lack of information. We strongly feel the need to educate them about options to challenge the convention and help them to live without compromising beauty and durability, and safety and comfort”.




Upper right hand, I was with Deb Gutierrez, Marketing Development and Ms. Liza Alde, Marketing Manager of James Hardie Philippines


Mark Sergio, Sales & Marketing Manager of James Hardie Philippines
Mark Sergio, Sales & Marketing Manager of James Hardie Philippines

Mr. Sergio talks about LIVEvolution further, on how James Hardie products makes a difference and how these creates tailor-fit and customized home in accordance to what the homeowner needs and can afford without the compromise of quality and design. In fact in their web site, James Hardie has shared a lot of design ideas that lets anybody do it like child-play. Just click on this link and you’ll see for yourself:  “Design Ideas” I, for one has the dream of having my own place one day and asked the JH team how could I get hold of their products in retail, so that I’ll know when the time comes. Fortunately on their very helpful website is a search engine that helps you specify your look out to where you are nearest  and most accessible, here is the link : “Find a Dealer”.  I,as a consumer likes to make informed purchases; it means that I  try to optimize what I can and need to know about a product first before buying it. So I did my own research and surprisingly found out more why I should really opt to choose  James Hardie as my partner in building my own home in the future.  James Hardie advanced building composites are made from benign raw materials low in toxicity such as cellulose fiber, cement, sand and water compared to block walls. In addition, JH advanced building composites, like HardieFlex for example, is designed and engineered to suit the varying Philippine weather conditions. Here is an itemized advantages of JH products as compared others in the market.



On the  event itself involved the participation of the  design guru Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez. It made sense since,   Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez is the type of homeowner who recognizes and gives importance to quality in the building materials she uses at home.  She knows the value of combining style, creativity, taste, as well as strength and durability in the choices she makes for her home. Lastly, she is the ideal homeowner that personifies James Hardie’s own vision for providing Filipinos the best building materials so they can live without compromising their dreams and way of life.


For 2014, James Hardie will continue to be the preferred brand for those who want to make their dream homes come true.


For more information on James Hardie products, visit www.jameshardie.com.ph, like their Facebook fanpage at www.facebook.com/jameshardiephilJamesHardiePH or call 897-5427 (within Metro Manila) or 1-8000-888-5427 (outside Metro Manila).