Kata I4 Octacore Phone initial impressions

Today, we have been able to get our hands on the latest from Kata Digital, the Kata I4..

The 1st ever Octacore phone offering from Kata looks good outside..

Here are the pictures of what you can see from outside the Kata I4 octacore phone.

Kata I4 Octa Core 001

As you can see on the left side is the jack for the 3.5mm headset and tha small pinhole next to it is the single sim card slot for a micro sim. This might be the 1st phone that I’ve seen from Kata that’s a single sim.


Comparing the I4 to the I3s, you will see some minor differences that make the I4 better looking for me.. First off is they removed the small screws that you can see from the I3s sides.

Kata I4 Octa Core 007

Also the I4 is slightly longer than the I3s but slightly less wide.

Kata I4 Octa Core 013

The back camera flash also has been changed from a single bulb to dual bulbs, i guess for better lighting for pictures that need the flash.. if you have the I3s or even the M2, one very noticeable thing is the weight.. the I4 weighs a little less than the I3s…while still retaining the metallic look they started putting in since the M2.

Kata I4 Octa Core 014

If you look at the volume controls,it seems Kata has finally decided to try separate volume rockers which is still on the left hand side, with the power button on the opposite side. Another significant change is that they seem to have returned to the internal battery variant they had with the I3, this time the I4 is at 2300 mAh.

Kata I4 Octa Core 010

If you want to see the full spec, read our earlier release about the I4 here.

Inside the phone you will see some surprising features..starting from one if the Kitkat OS features for taking selfies using the V sign with your fingers – yehey… no more struggling to push the shutter button while your arm is fully extended.

Kata I4 Octa Core 009

Another feature you will find is the NFC or otherwise known as Near Filed Communication which is a higher variant using bluetooth technology, just touch then send the file and its done.. no more pesky pairing process.

Kata I4 Octa Core 004

Other things inside that you will find is that the memory is not expandable anymore – its upto 32 gig.. anyway.. what are you going to do with 32 gig?Most phones have expandable memory upto 32 gig,but how many people really do put in 32 gig memory cards?  The I4 also comes bundled with 35 Kata cloud storage.. so that’s almost 67 gig worth of space.. Usable out of the 32 gig internal memory is about 27 gig.. still not bad compared to other octacore phones.

Kata I4 Octa Core 006

And what’s the Antutu benchmark score? Well it seems more than fair compared to other octacore phones we have tested that only pulls out a measly 26000 something… Here is the score for the I4

Kata I4 Octa Core 012

31019!! Not bad, right?

Kata Digital is starting the pre order sales for the I4 this January 2, 2015. Here are the other freebies included once you purchase one during the pre order phase..

Powerbank with 4400 mAh

35 gig Kata Cloud Storage



Warranty Card..


All for 9,799 php..

Keep on coming back here to read our review of the Kata I4 octacore phone soon.. we will find out if the 2300 mAh battery will last the day and how the 2mb ram and octacore 1.7ghz processors fair.




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