Kata I4 Octacore Review and Hands on Experience

Well, I know you guys have been waiting for the review of the Kata I4 Octacore phone from Kata Digital.. Well… here it is.. and I must say  that I give this phone 2 thumbs up!!

First of all.. here are the released specifications from Kata Digital.

  • Display: 5 Inches Super HD Screen
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Octa Core MT6592 MediaTek
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • ROM: 32 GB
  • Rear Camera: 16 MP AF
  • Front Camera: 8 MP FF
  • Battery: 2300 mAh
  • OS: Android 4.4 Kit kat
  • Speakers: Yamaha Speakers

So just looking at the specifications and at the price of 9,799 php.. the phone itself holds its own.. But here are some of the details not included in the product description that will make it more than worth your money..

But before we go there –  here are some pictures of how the new look for the I series from Kata is in the I4.


As I mentioned earlier in the initial impressions review of the I4 –  the back sports the camera in the upper middle part of the phone with 2 LED lights for the flash… the hands free speaker is located on the loweer slightly to the left side of the phone with its yamaha bass speakers which provides awesome sound quality when you listen to spotify or your mp3’s.

The front face of the I4 shows us where the 3.5 mm jack is placed which is on the top of the phone with the micro sim card tray on the other side( fyi dont lose your pin to open the sim card tray which reminds me of the Iphone). The micro usb port is located in the bottom which I find a whole lot better than having it located in the top which kinda makes it messy when you are charging or connected to the pc and listening to music with your headset..

Kata I4 Octa Core 008

The metal build of the I4 feels very solid and looks great.. I thought that the M2 and the I3s looked great but the I4 looks better..

Now here are what you can find inside the I4…

Kata I4 Octa Core 011

Antutu Scoreof the Kata I4 compared also against LG G3 ,HTC One Xiaomi Redmi Note and MI 2

10897837_10152620823843284_6791464371867310871_nScreenshot_2015-01-03-16-03-16 Screenshot_2015-01-03-16-03-47

As you can see, the I4 can hold its own against  the flagships of major brands in the market and for a fraction of the cost..

Kata I4 Octa Core 004

The Kata I4 octacore is the 1st phone from Kata that incorporates the NFC feature.. this is one of the features we mentioned that is not listed in the specifications list from Kata when you look at their websites.

NFC – or Near Field Communication is an upgrade from the basic bluetooth device which lets you use the bluetooth device without having the hassle of going through the troublesome pairing process.. You can use NFC for passing files to another NFC devices or pair directly with a NFC capable speaker or device.




The I4 has no external memory card slot, but has a generous internal memory of 32 gigabytes in which  it is partitioned 5.90gb internal memory and 22.01 GB phone memory… And for those that pre order  the I4, you will also get 35 Gig of Kata Cloud Storage…cool, right?

Kata I4 Octa Core 006

Another Feature you will find about the Kata I4 is that it is OTG capable.. yes you read it right.. OTG capability is back in this phone..Yahooo!!!!!!


The I4 is also the 1st Kata phone that features enhancement modes for both Video and sound…



What is the Clear Motion Video Fluency enhancer? It basically increases the number of frames per second providing a much smoother and clear viewing experience. It simply converts 24/30fps to 60fps.






The Kata I4 also has enhancements for the Sound either via speakers or headphones.. Called the BesAudEnh for headphones and BesLoudness for the speakers.

10898160_10152644800763284_1419616397887923816_nWell, next up is the battery performance.. the I4 sports a 2300 mAh battery which to some might not be enough.. so we decided to test it out.. we turned on the wifi and turned on spotify and left it running.. Here are the shots of the battery meter.


We started at 94% at 12:37 PM with the wifi on and spotify on loudspeaker.Screenshot_2015-01-03-14-13-56 Screenshot_2015-01-03-14-27-16

Almost 2 hours later.. we only used up 22% of the battery.. not bad right?

After that we used the I4 without recharging on a data plan..


We turned on the data plan with the battery at 58% at 4:34 pm..

Screenshot_2015-01-03-17-41-06 Screenshot_2015-01-03-18-30-30 Screenshot_2015-01-03-19-21-35

With almost 3 hours use of the data plan.. we only used up 27%  of the battery as you can see the phone has almost been on for 7 hours.. not bad for a 2300 mAh battery right? Which means by my best guess, with 31% battery left the phone would most likely last for another 2-4 hours depends on how you use it..

Lastly is the Camera of course.. The I4 sports a 16 MP Autofocus back camera with 2 led flashbulbs.

Kata I4 Octa Core 014

and an 8 MP front fixed focus camera..

2 things I noticed about the camera app.. It now has the self capture feature when you do the V sign with your fingers..

Kata I4 Octa Core 009

Which works for both the back and front cameras.. this makes taking selfies a whole lot easier!!

Also another change I saw was that the burst shot option has been lowered from 99 shots to 40shots..No idea why… but I see no problem with the reduction since -who in the whole wants to keep on taking 99 burst shots of something?

Another feature in the camera of the I4 is the Motion Track mode –  as far as I can tell in using it.. it takes shots based on a fixed point and follows that point.

Here are some random shots from the front camera at 8 MP..


Both shots were taken using the front camera with the V sign or peace sign to take the shot.



Back Camera at 4 MP.

Back Camera at16 MP

Sample Video shot using the I4 capturing a TV screen with PS3 games

So far I’m pretty impressed at the build quality of the Kata I4.. Definitely the best Octacore phone that I’ve handled at the very affordable price point of 9,799 php only.. Another point I forgot to mention is the efficiency of the heat sinks built int this phone.. I’ve handled a couple of octacore phones and a bunch of quad core phones from other brand, including the big branded ones and all of them heat up after significant use whether its on wifi or on data plan.. and compared to all of them, the I4 barely even gets hot..

So if you are looking for a phone that can capture great shots.. that is fast and can handle multiple applications like skype.. viber.. emails..facebook and others at the same time.. last more than 8 hours a day.. at a very friendly price point.. The Kata I4 is definitely the best value for money phone.. This is one phone that I really love… now I’m wondering what the Kata M3 will look like?? Will it be Kata’s 1st LTE device? Hmmm…





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