KATA M1, Initial review

As promised folks, here is a follow up on the unboxing of the M1 Quadcore, 2 gig Phablet of Kata Digital.

For details of the unboxing of the M1.

Kata DIgital M1 Phablet (6)

The Kata M1 Phablet is a 5.7 in screen with True HD.

Kata DIgital M1 Phablet (3)

It comes with the standard wall charger and USB and Headset.

The 13 megapixel camera for the back has 2 burst settings – 40 and 90 shots.

It will take around 40 seconds to finish the 90 burst shot, which would be great for short action shots that you need.

Here are some sample shots from the M1.

This one was taken inside a restaurant – low light.


This photo of some flowers was taken at night outside.


This shot was taken around 4 pm I think outside.


And inside a bar around 6pm


So far most of the shots I’ve taken using the M1 besides the fact some are blurry coz I or the subject moved is turning out okay.

The M1 is a dual sim phone with 1 sim slot for a regular sim. And SIm 2 for a Micro sim – boh sims are 3g capable upto hspa+ – although yoou need to choose which sim to use it for.

Kata DIgital M1 Phablet (4)

The external memory card is expandable upto 32 gig. And the battery is 4000mAh which can basically last you at least a day outside using data and wifi.

Kata DIgital M1 Phablet (2)

To protect your phone from scratches – you can also buy a screen protector and casing from Kata Digital.

The 2 gig ram of this phablet is more than enough to power the 5.7 inch device on a bloggers daily use.

And if you need to quickly clear your memory, they have an app thats pre installed called the Wipeout.

All I can say is for the price of less than 10,000 php, the Kata M1 Phablet lives up to its price and promise of its specifications.

What about gaming? I have Max Steel, PV2, Real Racing and Starwarfare HD installed. All I can say is – Wow.

Its also has 16 gig internal memory. Nice huh?




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