Kelly Misa and how she keep things light.

Do you know who Kelly Misa is? Kelly is a 32-year old proud Filipina commercial and ramp model. She is also a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a beauty editor of Look Magazine, the creative and content director of her own website, and quite recently, the host of lifestyle show, Trending Now airing on ANC.

How does she do it? Well, of course with the unending support of her husband Carlos Fernandez, who  is a reliable partner in running the household, adjusting to his wife’s frenetic schedule.


How else does she keep healthy? She takes health supplements, such as C-Lium Fibre. C-Lium is made from 100 percent fiber derived from the psyllium plant. She has been using this product for more than three years now, a habit she picked up from her father who, after a heart surgery, has become an advocate of healthy living. “It does wonders for my health,” she says of C-Lium, “and I personally feel the difference. Whenever I take it, I feel lighter, more energetic, less sluggish.”


An active lifestyle, healthy food,exercise and food suplements like C-Lium is the best way to keep healthy.

C-Lium Fibre is made from 100% natural psyllium fiber and is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. It comes in husk powder and capsule variants and is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.