LG launches its Inverter V Series air conditioners

March 18, 2014 – LG officially launched to the Media its newest line of Inverter Airconditioners in the market.

The presentation was cool – literally cool. hahaha

LG set up a couple of units right inside the room and turned it on. One thing I noticed was how quiet the units were.

A couple of items I noted during their presentation was 1. the lower electricity cost compared to other units -about 800 php per month savings. 2. The silence of the units ( and yes even the big box thingee was inside the room  also.)


The entry level unit they have costs around 31,000 php for a slit type, inverter aircon with 1 horsepower.

One of their higher end units even have something called the Plasmaster Ionizer.( No its not a gun or laser.) It sterilizes and cleans the air. It also combines with the water molecules in the air to help in skin moisturizing, cool right?

Well, if you want to know more about the aircon units – you can visit their website at www.lg.com/ph or visit my friend spidey





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