Line Launches Premium call feature

Line launches premium calls. What is Premium Calls?

Now you can use your LINE app in your mobile phone to make actual regualr calls to anyone and anywhere.

How? It still of course of course needs internet. It uses the standard VOIP technology used by call centers..

Line is highlighting that they have the best voice quality and even shows how they check and what devices they use for development.

You need to load credits via vouchers or playtore. each credit has a corresponding money amount.

Here are some of the call rates available.

Philippines – Landline : 11 cents, Mobile ;14 cents
Canada – Landline and Mobile : 1 cent
China – Landline and Mobile : 1 cent
Malaysia – Landline: 2 cents, Mobile : 3 cents
Singapore – Landline and Mobile : 1 cent
Thailand – Landline and Mobile : 2 cents
USA – Landline and Mobile : 1 cent
Unted Kingdom – Landline: 1 cent,Mobile: 5 cents


Its actually cheaper to call foreign numbers that local Philippine numbers – hahaha.


During the Philippine Launch special guests were Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy mendiola visited andshowed their support for LINE.

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