MacPower Corporation brings BoomPods to the Philippines

MacPower corporation, a tech distributor here in the Philippines recently brought BoomPods to the Philippines.

Boompods is a brand that is all the way from Europe that have recently entered the local Market.

Boompods 2


Conceptualized by friends with more than 20 years experience in the design industry.. Boompods have come out with a significant line up in the mobile speaker industry..

A couple of things that you will notice with them is the striking and vibrant colors that they use in their various designs..

Coupled with the fact that most of the speakers they sell are bundled already with neoprene pouches and cable cords that also have 3.5 mm jack connectors so you can connect wirelessly via bluetooth or via tha acoompanying cords.

The portable speaker range that Boompods have come out with basically almost covers all your needs.. Did you know that they have a portable water proof version?

Boompods 3Now you can listen to Spotify even while you are in the shower! Or the Bathtub! or the Pool!

Trust me.. the quality of sound for these products is great.. Here is a review we were about to do with their double blaster.

Boompods is coming out next with a new line that will feature outstanding specifications that will make you go WOW..

The BoomPods launch was helf in the F1 Hotel in BGC and graced and attended by none other Prem Balani one of the founders.

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The launch was attended by Media both online and Print.

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“We were looking at tech gadgets and we were, ‘Why are all the gadgets looking the same?’ I mean, speakers are square, music is coming out from the top, there’s no color, some of the companies are very conservative in their design, or it’s taking too long for newer models to come out. We said ‘Let’s challenge ourselves, can we actually make electronic gadgets like this,’” said Prem Balani, the founder of Boompods.

Keep on coming back to our blog or follow us on the following social media channels to keep updated.. We will be coming out with a review of the Headpods soon from Boompods.

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