‘Mardi Gras at Sinulog de Kabankalan

The Sinulog de Kabankalan had about 1 weeks worth of celebrations and activities. One of the most awaited was the Mardi Gras, where different groups and baranggays got to show off their costumes in the parade.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1.5 054

The parade went on for about a kilometer all the way to the town plaza where contestants got to be judged by their costumes and dance numbers.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1.5 052

It lookled lke a lot of tie and effort was put in making the costumes for the Mardi Gras alog with the choreography for the dane numbers.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1.5 060

Featured in the this article are some of my favorites for the event in their costumes.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1.5 065

The night was fun filled as the residents of Kabankalan came out in force to watch the parade. One big question we had before was how were they going to make the music be heard through the entire parade. Simple really….

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 175

With the help of vehicle owners from kabankalan itself.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 175

How did they do it? They lined up all the vehicles and had them tune in to a specific radio station and played back the music there.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 171

How they solved the problem with syncing all the radios from each vehicle, i dont know. Bt it was great.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1.5 012

The picture above is the front face of the parade float.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the dancers.

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Here are the list of winners:

Tribu Tres , Barangay 3
(P50,000.00 cash + Trophy + P300,000.00 worth of project)

1st Runner-up
Tribu Lasang, Barangay Magballo
(P30,000.00 cash + Trophy + P200,000.00 worth of project)

2nd Runner-up
Tribu Balicaocao, Barangay Orong
(P20,000.00 cash + Trophy + P100,000.00 worth of project)

Consolation Prizes (5) @P10,000.00 each
Tribu Nonoy Anti, Barangay Talubangi
Tribu Coloso, Barangay 6
Tribu San Juan, Barangay Camugao
Tribu Mag-aso, Barangay Oringao
Tribu Uno, Barangay 1

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