Men, fear no more! The secret to a smooth, clean shave.

One big problem for hairy men is the task of shaving every morning or evening if you work in a callcenter. Well, fear no more!!

There’s a new product from Philips Aqua Touch, When it comes to truly good grooming, a smooth shave is a must for men. But a lot of men have grown wary of razors it’s a hassle to put on and wash off shaving cream, a burden to replace rusty blades, and literally quite a pain to suffer nicks and cuts.




For a fast, easy and pain-free way to get a killer shave, it’s best to go electric. And with the Philips Aqua Touch wet-and-dry shavers, you can get a smooth, clean shave—even while in the shower.

The Philips Aqua Touch comes in two models, the AT890 and AT750, which are both designed to give a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave.

AT890 hi res 2AT750 hi res 3


AquaTouch AT890                                              AquaTouch AT750

The Aqua Touch AT890 is a shaver that utilizes Dual Precision shaving heads that have slots to shave the normal hairs, and holes to shave even the shortest stubble.

The Philips Aqua Touch also has rounded low-friction protection caps that adjust automatically to the curves of your face, as well as a Super Lift & Cut feature that lifts hairs away from the skin before cutting them to guarantee a close shave. The Aqua Touch features an inbuilt Aquatic seal which makes the shaver fully waterproof and optimized for use with shaving gel or foam.  This means enhanced skin comfort and minimal skin irritation.





Furthermore, the Philips Aqua Touch has been shown to deliver a satisfying shave along with less skin damage compared to a regular blade.

So for those looking to take their grooming to the next level—and enjoy less hassles and costs in the process—give the Philips Aqua Touch shavers a try.

Hmmm – I should try this soon.