Mentore UCC, Bar and Cafe

Nestled between sky reaching buildings in Makati is this little known cafe.

Not because its not a known coffee house brand, but maybe because of its very quiet location. ( which is quiet nice for us that know of it already.)

Mentore UCC 009\

It has 2 floors inside, with the 2nd floor being more spacious.Mentore UCC 008

The food here tastes great with a Strong Japanese influence. hehehe

Mentore UCC 006

Uomo Rice ( Not sure if I spelled it correctly)

Mentore UCC 011

Clubhouse sandwich – This is definitely in the top 5 clubhouse sandwiches I have ever tasted.

Mentore UCC 002

I forgot to get this sandwiches name. My friend Azrael from ordered this one.

Want to try a new twist in your coffee experience?

Mentore UCC 013

Glass of Ice, A shot of expresso, Honey, and a bottle of Perrier.

Mentore UCC 014

They are open Mondays to Sundays.

Mentore UCC 010

A quick look at their alcoholic coffee.

They are located at the side of Landmark near pasay road.


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