MiPow makes working at home, easier and more fun

Working at home is or never will be always fun as sometimes the tedium of working at the same place as you rest is hard to maintain for most people.. MiPow brings back some of the fun staying at home with one of their latest products, Mipow Playbulb now has 2 variants, the Color and the Original..

Mipow Bluetooth Lights 014

Just imagine, no need to have the bulky and messy speakers to set up while working, or the worry of the speaker you are using losing power.. or just the hassle of getting up and turning off the light or adjusting the lights.. or better yet.. having a party atmosphere while working!! You can also use the application to set the turn on and off of the light, and also use it as an alarm..

MiPow has a variety of products starting from the bluetooth lights and a vast choice of powerbanks.

Mipow Bluetooth Lights 018

Just who or what is MiPow?

MIPOW, an authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., is a global leader in premium mobile device accessories. We bring together a unique blend of industrial and cutting-edge design, precision engineering and high quality manufacturing to create products with wide appeal to today’s mobile generation. Our main products are backup batteries, chargers, headsets and speakers using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Our functional and fashionable designs have won broad market acceptance as well as many prestigious awards including: European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and IDEA Awards. MIPOW takes pride in its innovation and holds 48 patents with more to come. These and many other accomplishments have positioned MIPOW amongst the leaders in product excellence.

MIPOW, (pronounced as MY-POW, the letters “MI” stands for “myself”, and “POW” represents “vitality & power”) was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong by Mr. Yeung, Wei Yung, Stanley, as a young, innovative brand with the key value of “Make it Different”. MIPOW is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Baojia Investment Group, which has major business interests in property development, new energy, electronics and venture capital. MIPOW has offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong with sales channels covering Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Playbulb color has its own application downloadable form the Playstore or the iOs app store available where you can control the bulb..


You can control the exact color of the lights, you can turn on the shake function so that everytime you shake your phone it changes color.. You can even set it up the it pulses like a disco light..

The other great thing is that it also doubles as a speaker.. which you also connect via bluetooth… the connection for the speaker is one is to one..


As you can see, there is an entry there named ron –  thats the bluetooth connection for the light that I renamed.. the other one Playbulb color is for the speaker connection –  so make sure you connect to that too so that the speaker can be used with your phone..

Also by the way… you can also only use the application for phones that are android version 4.3 and above..

Here are some of its specifications..

RGB lights

Led Light

Bluetooth version 4.0

10 meters bluetooth range

E27/E26 screw cap

200 LM ( lumens)

100-240V- 50-60 Hz 4.0W input

3000 K color temperature

Also compatible with iOs devices..

Iphone 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, ipad air, ipad mini with retina display, ipad 4th generation, ipad 3rd generation, ipod touch ( 5th generation). Requires iOs 7.0 or higher.

For more information http://www.playbulb.com/en/index.html

Hehehe. for me, this is the best thing to beat the boredom and monotony of working.. which you cant or most likely your boss wont let you do in the office.




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