MSN Messenger says goodbye on October 31, 2014

For those Gen X’ers and born in 70’s that means you were in your teens in the 90’s, MSN messenger was one of the most popular instant messenger platforms at that time. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to acquire Skype last 2013.


MSN messenger was launched in 1999 to be the answer to AOL’s service.

The popular messaging app had its share of changes, one of those was the change of name to Windows Live Messenger as Microsoft tried to disengage it from the Hotmail service.

What most people dont know is that most users have been transferred to Skype since then. The only country that is actively using MSN messenger is China thru one of the partners of Microsoft.

But according to sources, MSN will be permanently shut down on October 31, 2014, thus permanently shutting of 15 years of service of MSN Messenger.

When was the last time you used it?

This is the last paragraph in when you try to download it.

Windows Live Messenger will be discontinued on April 8. 2013.

Users will have to use Skype with imported contacts to continue messaging Windows Live Messenger contacts.



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