Multiple Entry Visas to Japan for Filipinos

News recently broke out about Japan relaxing their entry rules to to Japan for certain Asian countries like Philippines and Vietnam.

Nationals of the Philippines and Vietnam will be eligible now for multiple entry visas, and supposedly will be a lot easier to get than before.

“We expect that the relaxation of their visa policies will encourage more Filipinos to travel to Japan and will create more opportunities for people to people exchanges between our two countries”


The Japanese government adopted its new visa policy for Southeast Asian tourists on June 11 in hopes of increasing arrivals from the region.

Nationals of Thailand and Malaysia will have a lot easier time visiting Japan as Visa entry requirements for those countries have been waived.


In asking his cabinet to approve the new policy, Abe said the relaxed requirements aim to “let many people from around the world directly experience beautiful Japan,” the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported.



So this means its going to be a lot easier for tourists to visit the beautiful sights in this country


Pictures are from my trip to Japan a couple years ago on business.

Source – ABS-CBN





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