Nanofixit… the last screen protector that you will need

A friend of mine the other day gave me called me up and asked to meet… he told me I’d like to talk to you about something…. and usually… those are the words that bring alarm bells to my mind that they would want something from me… He showed me a small bottle.. something that looks like an eyedropper.. and said.. this is the last screen protector that you will ever need for your mobile devices… at first I was skeptical.. what kind of scam is my friend trying to sell to me…


So I listened to what he had to say about the product and he said.. I want you to try it on your phone… I said okay… so he removed the screen protector from my Kata M1 phone… for those that dont know –  it just uses the normal glass… not those gorilla type glasses that some other phones use… after applying the liquid – I think it was 1 or 2 drops for a couple of minutes using his finger… he brought out an coin and said –  go ahead and try to scratch it… I thought – this guy is crazy why would I scratch my phone?


SO he takes out his own phone and proceeds to use the 1 peso coin on it.. no scratches…. he uses it on my phone! OMG – hahaha- I almost screamed!…and well, after a while – no scratches…..

Dont believe me?

Watch this video as I try to scratch my phone…

Want to know more? So do I….. I’ll need to call my friend and ask where he got it… and how I can get more… Lol! Go NanoFixit!


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