New Features in Omega HD, Cherry Mobile

New Features in Omega HD, Cherry Mobile

If you are a heavy facebook user via your mobile phone, this will make your life easier, when your dropdown tabs are open in facebook, just swipe left or right to go to friend requests, messages or notifications.


And if you look at the upper right of the picture, you will see the icon of a person with 3 lines to his right, that is to see your online friends in chat.


The new keyboard layout for texting or typing looks like the picture above. Take note of 2 things – the smiley face in the bottom right. And the microphone icon in the bottom left.

Then smiley face is to insert smiley faces in your text.

The microphone is for voice texting – nice huh?

Omega HD

Its almost correct – the only error was that I have been waiting for your call for the.

Cherry Mobile has also released a newer version – Omega HD 2.0 – featuring  and 1.2GHz quad-core CPU. click here to read more about the Omega HD

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