No mouse for your laptop? Dont worry!

A mouse is one of the biggest essentials for working on a PC…. and what happens when you done have one because you left it or broke it or lost power? No work happens….

That actually happened to me yesterday and I was already fretting about work… it was 7am and I was already situated at starbucks near the power outlet… besides being alone… no shops were open so I could buy a new one..


Whats the solution? I remembered that on teamviewer you could actually control your pc thru your android phone or vice versa… but it was a bit hard and used a lot of bandwidth…. SO I decided to check playstore if someone already developed an application that you can use your mobile phone as a mouse… and well, there actually was a couple there..

After a couple of failed attempts.. I was able to find one that worked…

Basically… it connects your pc and phone via wifi as long as both are connected to the same wifi network.. You also need to install the server program on your PC… just connect tand its done!… I used the WIFI Muse application which  is also available for iOs.



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