Norde hosts the Digital Innovation Summit 2014

Norde hosted the 2014 Digital Innovation Summit at the Norde Innovation Center last June 24, 2014 to June 27, 2014.

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Whats the Digital Innovation Summit about? Its to convene the International Industry Experts in one venue to talk about the trends, best practices and newest technology available.

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Top executives from Hewlett-Packard, Statsys, Pantone and others present to the media and participants the latest technologies available.

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Just what are the technologies being presented? Why… what about 3d printing?

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This is the hand held scanner used in scanning items or things that you would want to print in 3d.. We were able to see 2 3D printers in action…

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As you can see on the top the Stratsys uPrint SE plus – which is used for small batch printing and single color designs.

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In the top picture – you can see the bigger 3D printer which can print objects with multiple layering and coloring.

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And according to the representatives, these items would be fully functional once finished processing. Meaning -you can actually use the yoyo and the rest.

How cool is that? Here is a 3D sample of an action figure. Just imagine the possibilities is as broad as your imagination.

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Cool right?

Besides 3D printing other technologies that they have like White Printing, the latest technology replacing Blue Printing.

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Did you know that they also have printers that can print directly on wood.

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Norde also has machines that can cut hardwood and shape it any way you want. Want to have a small chair?

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Or how about just making signs?

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Or better yet, making skins for your automobiles.. hehehe

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