O+ Duo Quick Review

Hi there Work At Home Peeps and all those who are always on the go..This article is all about the O+ Duo. I know.. it’s been in the market for quite some time now.. but I do believe it has merits.. you know that I mostly use android devices nowadays and even when through a time that I exclusively used tablets for everything I did. I guess the O+ Duo is a solution to bridge the gap.

In todays world, the android OS has gained a  lot of ground.. especially with the fact that it has hundreds of thousands of applications that can be used for daily life.. but there are still times that the good old windows OS is needed.. and that s where or when the O+ Duo comes it..

Here’s a quick video for you to watch:

All in all.. The O+ Duo is an acceptable on the go device for me.

O+ Duo 4

It’s a dual device.. boots up in windows 10 and can be changed to android OS.

O+ Duo 3

The Windows partition has a bit more space reserved for it that the android whicc is at 38 GB for the windows side and roughly 16 gb available for the android side.

O+ Duo 2

Windows 10 is preinstalled with mobile viewer versions of office.. So you need to install your own office or via office 365 for windows.. or just use kingsoft in the android OS

O+ Duo

The tablet has 2 gig of ram. 32 Bit operating system and Intel Atom processors.

So far, I’ve tested most of the applications and programs I use on my normal laptop and it works.. last one to test if my softphone dialer works with the tablet so I can use goautodial on the O+ Duo.

So far, the battery lasts for about 3 hours.. not bad..Also, a usb hub works when connected to an otg cable to attach a mouse and at the same time a usb or card reader. Did I mention that it can access a CF card via a card reader? Yup.. good news for those of us that us an old camera.

For those that are nomads or work at home.. you can use this. provided that you dont expect it to be super fast.. you dont store too many documents since it has limited space.. oh..and I connected my WD 1 Terrabyte external drive via the usb hub – and guess what.it worked!

I was even able to install my EPIM, the old email app that I use in my laptop in the windows partition. I actually barely use the android side since I have my phones for that.

One thing I havent found out is how to access the files like pictures you have on the android partition in windows, and vice versa.

The only major flaw I find in the O+ Duo as of now is that the screen is small…lol. It’s honestly great! And it’s only around 6,500 via itruemart




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