Our First Impressions of the LG G Pro 2 from LG

LG Mobile recently launched its newest offerings in the market to follow up on their recent success with the LG G Pro.

We recently got in hand one of the test units for the LG G Pro 2.


It boasts of a 5.9″ Full HID IPS  Screen

13 MP OIS Camera – back

2,300 MHz Quadcore processor from Qualcomm

3,200 mAh Battery and LTE Ready.

So what does that mean?


1st of all, the construction seems very solid, and surprisingly for its size, very lightweight.

Having a screen that’s 5.9″ Full HID IPS  should make viewing pictures of videos or anything on the phone a feast for the eyes.

And pictures taken with 13 MP with an OIS camera should look very nice. (OIS means – Optical Image Stabilization)

Here are some of the new features of the LG G Pro 2


The Knock code is a new security feature from LG that lets you set your own code by tapping anywhere in the 4 quadrants of the screen of the phone as your code.


Nice huh? No need to find the button, then swipe or type in your code.

Want a look on what’s pre installed in the LG G Pro 2?

Here’s the quick look:


And a little more:


The Antutu App isnt part of the pre installed apps. That was the 1st app I installed to test the LG G Pro 2

And here’s the result:


Nice huh? The LG G Pro 2 definitely has one of the highest scores for antutu that I have seen in a while.

Here’s a look at the actual space you have internally for the phone. 23 GB or 23 gig of internal memory isnt bad. That should give you a couple thousand pictures.


What else does the LG G Pro offer? Well, since I use a phone heavily especially since I’m on the road a lot, here are 2 functions that I saw that isnt as well known as most.

Scheduled Text. Ever though of a message you need to send a person to remind them of something, but it’s not the right time to text the yet, like when to take medicine? Well, now you can schedule text messages and have it sent when it’s supposed to be sent.


Another function that i found useful was that you could split screens while browsing,especially since you have more screen space to do it already.


Well, that’s it for now. I will soon post pictures taken using the LG G Pro 2 camera so you can see the image quality and the rest of the review in a couple of days.

If you think of anything in particular you want me to check out, drop me a line in the comments box. But so far, for the price point its being offered, this phone is a good buy.

SRP: 32,990 Php

A great phone deserves a beautiful ambassador, right?





Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.