P70 Lenovo Smartphone specifications and review

As promised on our facebook page? Here is the review we have for the new Lenovo P70.. the box comes with the standard usb cable, wall charger and headset with an additional otg cable.. also inside the box is a screen protector from Lenovo, also comes with a phone casing when you buy it.

Lenovo P70 1Lets start with the body.. the built looks like normal model phones – except for the fact that this one feels solid in your hand.. the size is just right in the sense that it fits your hand perfectly for one handed use.. the volume and power keys are on the right side if the screen is facing you, which makes it a little bit hard to take a screenshot one handed… The flash is located at the bottom of the lens.. and with the loudspeakers located at the bottom of the phone.

lenovoThe usb charging post is sandwiched between the the loudspeakers, which makes gaming a little off if you dont like wearing headsets since your palms tend to cover the speakers ports at the bottom while playing.



Now lets take a look inside the phone.. here are what you will most likely get once you do an Antutu Benchmark test.



The result is not bad, better than some of the other phones I’ve tested that has almost the same specifications..

And before you ask.. its a 5 point thingee –  means you can use upto 5 fingers to use the phone in paying or whatever. Inside



The phone is a little bloated for me.. when I opened it up.. it already had 3 browsers installed.. Chrome.. the generic android browser and the UC browser.. a bit much right? It also had a couple of games pre installed, which for me is a god thing rather than the other way around..

The desktop or the wall, which ever you want to call it.. clearly shows that it doesnt have the menu button anymore which means all your apps are on the home screen which you can easily arrange using folders and stuff. It also comes pre installed with some stuff that I havent heard or barely used.. like Guvera Music, Scoop. It is also preinstalled with an antivirus -called security.





Battery charging time was one thing that I was pleasantly surprised with at it was only around 2 hrs and 15 mins using the charger supplied to charge from 0% drained battery to full bat while the phone was off considering that the battery is a whooping 4,000 mAh… it also has the ability to charge other devices from itself.. I guess that’s why there is an OTG cable included.. lol.

Here are some samples of the camera shots in different settings.

The camera specifications are 13MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.

One thing I noticed is that the colors of the photos when using the rear cam is a bit more vivid when compared to same shots using different phones… The front cam looks weird for me..

Other specifications are the following:

MediaTek 64-bit 1.7GHz 4G LTE True8Core processor

Octa-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53


5.0-inch screen 

149 grams

8.9mm profile

Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)

And did I mention that this is an LTE capable dual sim mobile phone? Both sim card slots are micro-sims


This impressive and afforable LTE smartphone from Lenovo P70 will be available in the Philippines by the first week of March, and will have a P11,999 SRP.




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