Pampanga Tour – Giant Lantern Festival.

Its Christmas time again. That means Christmas lanterns, songs and belens.

And the best place to see lanterns are in San Fernando Pampanga.

Why not go take a local tour of pampanga and see sights and places you might be surprised that we have.

The Gian Lantern Exhibition Tour starts December 15, 2013 upto Jan 2, 2014

Tour starts in San Fernando City at 1pm. 1st places to go are some historic churches in Pampanga

Betis Church in Guagua, Pampanga. (Forgive us for the length of this article. )

Pampanga Tour (27)

St. James the Apostle Parish also known as Betis Church.

Pampanga Tour (24)

This Church is also sometimes referred to as the Sistine Chapel of the Philippines. It is also a UNESCO site.

The outside of the Church looks almost like any other church.

But as soon as you enter, the inside of the church will take your breath away.

Pampanga Tour (23)

This is one of the last churches that still has its original wooden floorings.

Pampanga Tour (21)

And as you pray, you might want to look up.

Pampanga Tour (22)

Picture above is a shot of the ceiling as you enter the church.

Pampanga Tour (17)

Picture above is a shot of the ceiling above the altar.

Pampanga Tour (15)

A shot facing the doors.

Pampanga Tour (10)

A shot of the sides of the ceiling by the altar.

The Church was Consecrated at the year 1607.

Pampanga Tour (11)

A zoom shot of the Altar.

Next Stop is the Sunken Church, also known as the San Guillermo Church.

Pampanga Tour 01

This church was heavily affected by the lahar flows when Mt. Pinatubo Erupted in the 90’s

Pampanga Tour 03

See those doors? Those arent doors, they used to be the 2nd floor windows of the church.

The school located next to the church also got buried, now it serves as a small museum for the parish.

The images of the Mother Mary were part of the procession the day before we visited.

Next up is the Kalesa Tour.

Pampanga  02

Which would take you around to see some heritage house and the railroad stop where our National Hero Jose Rizal stopped by to recruit and gather followers for the La Liga Filipina.

Last stop was the lantern making part of the tour.

You see the round tube thingee? Thats what they use to make the light patterns. See below the smaller version.Pampanga  01

And here’s the man behind some of the giant lanterns that you will see in Paskuhan Village.

Pampanga  14


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