Pampanga Tourist Tours

When you hear of pampanga the 1st things that come into your mind is Tocino
Great Food. Sisig. Carvings and Lanterns

How to get there fast and hassle free? Take the bus going to clark from the airport lounge in Trinoma

Heres the bus schedule.


The bus trip would take about less than 2 hours. You would have a choice of going down in Dau, SM Clark or the Airport.

Oh by the way, the bus has wifi run by Genesis bus lines.

Once you get to Clark, one of the things you would see would be the Giant Golden Salakot


If you get hungry, there are a lot of places to eat. But if you are looking for genuine Japanese Cuisine you might want to try YU-FU-IN, a yakiniku and japanese restaurant.


They have set meals as low as 185 php.


The 2nd floor is reserved for the yakiniku diners which open at night.


From Clark travelling to San Fernando.

For those interested in a touring Pampanga, you can contact the following travel agencies from the ATTAP

Ties That Travel
Global Access Travel and Tours
Amega Travel and Tours

Tour packages start as low as 1400 php per head.



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