Paypal and Paymaya collaborates to bring more freedom to work at home people in the Philippines

 Paypal, the biggest kid on the block when it comes to cross border transactions partners with Paymaya in the Philippines.

Last November 22, 2016 –  Paypal and Paymaya announced their official collaboration to help improve the withdrawal times for freelancers from Paypal to Paymaya.

Besides the fact that the withdrawal time for funds from Paypal to paymaya –  which based on our personal experience is almost instant…both companies also announced the reduction in withdrawal fees from paypal to paymaya.

Users can now enjoy an 80% rebate from paymaya, everytime they withdraw their paypal funds to their account until December 21, 2016.

“I receive payments from my clients overseas using PayPal and I am glad with the many benefits that come with linking it to my PayMaya account. I don’t have to experience the hassle of withdrawing my funds through other financial touch points, which require me to travel farther and wait long. Whenever I need money, I just go to any Bancnet ATM and withdraw instantly using my PayMaya physical card,” said Catherine Quiambao, freelancer and founder of the blog,

Local freelancers were invited by the Paymaya to guest and share their experiences as freelancer with the rest of the media that were invited to the event.

“I rely on my PayPal funds for a lot of my basic needs. Since I can now link my PayPal to my PayMaya account, I can now directly pay my bills using the Pay Bills feature of my PayMaya app without taking time off, at the convenience of my home,” said Chino Chow, a Baguio-based DJ at K-Lite radio station and a freelance graphic artist.

If you haven’t tried to withdraw your funds, or don’t believe that it is almost instant, Watch this video

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