PETRON Gasul: Ang Segurista, May Reserba

20140529_Gasul Omni Tanks


PETRON GASUL goes stronger with its “segurista”. is a clean burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) consisting of a mixture of propane and butane gas and used as fuel for cooking, lighting and industrial applications.

For many Filipino home has using Petron gasul cylinder because of its safety, quality and authenticity indeed. Even if using a PETRON Gasulette for those who people normally use an electric stove or induction cooker it is time to reserve could be the perfect lifesaver during brownouts. And PETRON Gasulette will be useful as an alternative cooking fuel during rainy season.

To make sure our dishes are cooked to perfection, we have a spare 2.7-kg PETRON Gasulette tank on standby, fitted with a burner; it is also an essential gear for those outdoor adventure trips or outings.

Petron Gasul is recommended for ovens, furnaces, gas engines, gas stoves, gas lamps, singeing in textile plants, pilot flame in boilers, cutting, soldering and brazing operations in metal fabrication.


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