Petron starts production of Euro-4 Gasolines

Petron, a company that strive for excellence and market leadership, again takes the lead in the Euro-4 gasoline products.
The Euro-4 gasoline products are now available in Petron service stations in Mega Manila according to the specifications for Euro-4 compliance standard manufactured in the Bataan Plant and will soon be available nationwide ahead of schedule against the deadline set by the government.
Petron, the 1st company to locally-produced Euro-4 premium plus gasoline, Blaze 100 Euro-4, is also First, to locally complete its full line-up of gasoline variants that meet Euro-4 standardsbeeating the govenment deadline by six months by January 2016.
fuelup (2)
Petron has four gasoline variants – the most extensive in the industry – namely Blaze 100 Euro 4 (RON 100), XCS (RON 95), Xtra Advance (RON 93), and Super Xtra (RON 91). All Petron Euro-4 gasolines, with world-class additives, ensure engine cleanliness and efficient combustion for optimum engine performance and improved fuel economy.
Euro-4 is a globally-accepted European emission standard for vehicles, which require fuel with significantly low amounts of sulfur (0.005% or 50 parts per million) and benzene (maximum of 1% by volume).   Reduced sulfur and benzene content in gasoline makes fuels more environment-friendly, as vehicles release less harmful emissions.
Hopefully Petron will also start domestic production of Euro-4 compliant diesel products soon, which is greatly needed since most public utility vehicles in the country run on diesel.

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