Phablets, Tablets and Technology can help students study better

Did you know that there are schools already that have started to abandon traditional books and notebooks and have started having everything in tablets or phablets?

Technology isnt bad  and isnt always good – it actually depends on the users. So it actually depends on parents to monitor their kids activities.

How can technology help students learn more and faster? With the wealth of information available in the internet, most students only have to search for something they need and viola its there.

But all that information can overload a person.. one must apply Critical thinking and reflection and what information is relevant and which is not. Besides the fact that they have to think outside the box in using the search parameters they will be using to be able to get the most accurate results and the most. With the guidance of their teacher, guardian or parent, they are able to practice critical thought.

Technology has also made  Communication and collaboration. Before it took days and even months to send and receive a letter to another city or another country, now with the technology, you can even collaborate with anyone around the world provided they are online or have mobile access. Now the exchange of ideas and concepts are a lot easier helping not only students but workers validate and share information.

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Technology also helps prepare students and children for future jobs they will be working on in terms of collaboration, communication and ease of use of the technology.. Why, some subjects that I studied in college alreadyt have preparatory items being discussed as early as the 4th grade.. Just imagine what our children will be studying wen they get to college.

Preparation for jobs later on. The jobs that students will be hired for, and the professions they practice, will require them to have working knowledge of computer use in

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