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Style, as I was taught back in  high school is something that never runs out of fashion, it is your own unique way of doing, dressing and basically everything that’s around you and in you. Life on the other hand is actually what you make out of it, some people may say they have a happy life, an adventurous, a hype or even a simple life. If we combine both, then my own coined definition of Lifestyle is:  a person’s chosen way of living that reflects in everything he does or doesn’t be it on dining, clothing, travel, shopping, cooking or even work. Philip Abadicio is someone that has been writing and doing TV shows about “The Lifestyler’s Guide” .

Philip Abadicio explaining what is all about  "The Lifestyler's Guide" @ TV show on  Tv5 11:00 am to 12:00 noon every Sunday
Philip Abadicio explaining what “The Lifestyler’s Guide” is all about @
TV show on Tv5 11:00 am to 12:00 noon every Sunday
Photo courtesy of: Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’

Philip Abadicio explains, “My website features fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets and the artists, chefs, celebrities, etc. who I work with to put together our show plus all my insights and personal comments on the things we do”.

Philip Abadicio has long been in the industry of providing unique ways on having an interesting and spunky lifestyle. He began as a retailer when he opened “Wild Life” at  Robinson’s Galleria. It was a clothes and thingamajigs shop that catered to clientele of the urban wild. This very interesting concept paved the way for more opportunities for him. The owner of the mall and Manila Times encouraged him to do reviews of everything related to Lifestyle, not just the clothes and accessories. In no time, Philip wrote typical lifestyle themes: fashion, food, finds and Manila’s fabulous through his column Flip Flop at the Manila Times. After all these, comes the famous quote: “And the rest is History”.

Focusing on the now, Philip’s ventures have been continuously multiplying. His latest is the Website. Philipabadicio.comI have personally taken time to  watch  his YouTube videos and read some of his articles. I was impressed with the presentation and the substance of the shared info on each article and TV show episode. It made me a smarter consumer and it increased my knowledge bank on many things. Let me show you one of my personal favorites below:

—Shabu-shabu actually came from China, adopted by  Japan. During the old times, the Japanese only serves a shabu-shabu way of dining to aristocrats by Geishas. My own mental picture of it is probably army majors and generals trying to have a good time after a week long’s battle.

I asked him how often does he update his website. He told me that he takes pictures of the food, the stores, shops, the celebrities and writes about them at each taping that he has for  “Philip, The Lifestyle Guy” of TV5. He aims to show what goes behind the camera that the public wouldn’t have a way of knowing on an ordinary basis and he does this three to five times a week in partnership with Carlo Ocab.

You can expect a lot more interesting stuff  from  “Philip, The Lifestyle Guy” and Philipabadicio.comOn Tuesday, there will be another great event. See you there people!!!