Philippines to Host the World Cup for the Paragliding Accuracy 2015

After the success of the International Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2014 held in Safi Farm in Sarangani, the next big thing in Paragliding Accuracy is coming to town.. or specifically again in Safi Ranch in Sarangani.


Air Sports Adventure Philippines(ASAP) and the Department of Tourism in Region 12 embarks on another dynamic collaboration to present one of the most spectacular sporting events that the country has ever seen.


Scheduled on March 27-29, 2015, Sarangani Province shall forever more be enshrined in the annals of the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup competition as it holds the  Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC) Series.  Known for its majestic view of the Sarangani Bay and 300 days flyable weather conditions, the Safi Paragliding Site in Bgy. Tinoto, Maasim is bound to cement the reputation of the 12th Paradise as home to international paragliding pilots.

DOT-12 Regional Director Nelly Nita Dillera said, “Beginning the PGAWC tour is a very crucial position for any country, and we are very excited for this role.   It gives us a chance to contribute not only to SOCCKSKARGEN as the host region, but also to the Philippines in being a top paragliding destination in Asia. “




How many countries are expected to participate? According to ASAP (Air Sports Adventure Philippines) President Buko Raymundo,  PGAWC ideally gathers 26 countries during the 6-leg series, with about 90 potential competitors vying for the gold.  ” We are inviting the best pilots in paragliding accuracy discipline to attend, belonging to different parts of the world like Taiwan, China, Thailand, Serbia, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, Malaysia and many more.”


Buko, the foremost and multi-certified paragliding instructor in the Philippines added that the skills of the pilots in the Philippines have elevated since the IPAC 2014 in August, but their standards will be  further challenged by the upcoming PGAWC competition.  “We believe that this event will encourage our local pilots to strive for excellence in paragliding, as they realize that the discipline of accuracy landing is an important measure of aptitude in free-flying and safety paragliding.”




Setting the bar in preparation for PGAWC 2015 Series, ASAP has teamed up with local tandem pilots of Sarangani Paraglide (SP) to form the Sky Nomads Philippines.  A group of pilot-athletes dedicated to exhibit a higher level of commitment to air adventure sports, the tie-up aims to assist local pilots in achieving the required level of competency in order to compete at the PGAWC.


“The pilots of Sarangani are some of the highest ranking air adventure athletes  that the country has produced and their passion for free flying extends to their community. Together, we will endeavor to practice and promote the values that paragliding instills, and in moving forward, seek to inspire the growth of the sport in and across the country,” said Raymundo.


So Ready, Get Set and Go!  I am looking forward to visiting Sarangani again and getting to cover the 1st World Cup event for Paragliding done in the Philippines..


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See you soon!