Philips innovates the Lighting landscape even more


Common answers would be food, shelter and other things… Yes, we do need those. but what is one thing that we always have at least to certain degrees in a day, but actually do take for granted.


LIGHT. Every person, needs light. It helps us keep at bay at the very least all our primordial fears of the dark and everything that crawls and creaks in the dark.

With all the innovation that has been going on – one of the least promoted, according to myself ( i mean my point of view) is the introduction of LED lights to the general market.

Did you know that I had about 500 php reduction in my electricity when I changed majority of my lights at home to LED lights?


One of the companies that is leading the innovation in lighting is about to bring more changes in the industry.

What about lights that you can control and change colors? Lights that you can turn on and off even if you are not actually at home?

With costs for almost everything going up, demand for alternative ways of generating energy and light has increased? What if you could have solar powered lights at home?

Whatever is it that you need your lights to do, Philips is there to help you do it.

One thing I know for sure, we need light. And the amount of light one gets has an effect on a person.

Did you know that the lights on the costumes of the black eyed peas whers from Philips? It was OLED light panels light this.


Almost Zero Heat. and powered by a small battery.. Cool right? Wish they had OLEDs already for commercial lighting uses. That would drastically cut lighting costs!!



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