Philips launches their newest line of Portable Audio products and Home Cinema Systems here in the Philippines with unspeakable Innovations.

The newest Design Line, brought to you by Philips
The newest Design Line, brought to you by Philips

Philips is one of the most trusted brands worldwide in terms of appliance technology. I personally am a witness to its endurance and product strength all throughout my childhood. The company has stepped out of its convention and has been continuously evolving competitively. Last July of this year at the Makati Shangri La Hotel, Philips had officially introduced the newest line of portable audio products and  home cinema systems. These were specifically designed to exceed the dimensional limitations of the Filipinos home viewing and portable listening experiences. Fortunately, Mr Ivan Lui, Regional Product Manager for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa was able to join us that day and he explained quite a lot about TP Vision, he also explained what are the newest developments Philips has to offer for us Filipinos. First off is the Design Line of Full HD LED TVs, one great model is Philips 5500. The bezel of the TV frame is so thin that all points of the motion pictures before you appears as if it was a projection. The modern design of the 5500 is very appealing to contemporary models of home and offices. The most exciting part of it is actually the Ambilight. This technology was created to appease all lighting opportunities and using it on the television just elevates the home viewing experience of anybody. It amplifies the emotions felt from a movie or anything that you can possibly watch at home. Having the ambilight behind the UHD LED TV and give the exteriors of it colors similar to what you are watching makes you feel like the entire wall is your TV. Another model is the Philips 5100 series. It has a crisp digital crystal clear screen. What is highly regarded or this model is the three HDMI inputs and an easy link for connectivity which means you can browse the internet and do a lot of other things with it while still on high definition. It has an incredible contrast so you can appreciate all that’s happening on screen or maybe a slideshow of outstanding art pieces frame by frame. The the top of its kind among the DesignLine series is the 3D Smart Ultra Slim LED TV with ambilight 3-sided XL and perfect pixel HD. This one has a revolutionary floating glass design, cable sleeve streamlines that makes all wires possible to be put into one clean bundle, 1400 Hz perfect motion rate (PMR), integrated Wi-Fi, it also comes with  keyboard remote control and a Wi-Fi Miracast technology which allows your TV to mirror any of your devices. Another very artsy model is the Philips 6600 series, it’s a Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD.



You have to agree that these are pretty awesome series of entertainment models. Now Philips does think of everything for you, that’s why on top of their cinematic experience; Philips also developed monstrous audio speakers portable and the opposite. It is an exciting news for all of the audiophiles here in the country because the other thing that Filipinos are known for aside from working hard is partying harder. Mr. Thomas Peeters, sounds and acoustics architect of Woox Innovations in Hong Kong gave a keynote about the Golden Ears challenge.

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Together with the official launch of the Golden Ears Challenge here in the country, we were also presented with the newest and top of the line portable and monster speakers. The first model was the NTRX700, this is just jaw-dropping. these are very powerful speakers that have unbelievable features like AUTO-Dj for autmatic mixing of tacks in a USB; so it’s more like a smart speaker. You can rip music from all sources; CSs, radio or karaoke into your USB device. There is a 5-band equalizer that provides a very personal musical experience or should I say, party experience? Yep, you got that right the NX7 is built for parties in or outdoor. It also has an NX bass button for instant sound boost and light effects since it has 260K LED lights for an awesome party atmosphere. For folks who like to stay at home, Philips brought to you  the powerful sound bars. The HTL6140B has a 320W sound output, 8″ woofer, premium soft dome tweeters for crystal clear sound, Dolby Digital and DTS for great surround sound as well as Virtual Surround Sound for a realistic movie experience. Did I mention that the sub-woofer is wireless, you read that right. These sound bars are NFC enables, has HDMI and Blutooth connectivity so you can virtually connect and have a magical musical experience form all sources. The Philips Fidelio E5 gives the same core features with additional portability since the speakers can be detached from each other and serve the purpose of digital surround sound. It has Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound, bluetooth and NFC enabled. Additionally, it has an HDMI arc which enables you to access all the sound from your TV.

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Another very exciting product is the Philips M1X- DJ sound System. It is basically a party in a box, like there are side straps on the box that you can just swipe your arm with and go wherever party you need to be. M1X-DJ has the state of the art Woox technology for rich and precise bass with zero distortion, it has acoustically tuned coaxial drivers for big sounds. It has instrument grade knobs and sliders, cross faders and seamless djay 2 app integration. Basically all that you are playing, mixing and scratching are all going to be in your ipad, ipad mini or iPhone 5 with the help of the application. This technology is mind blowing because it gives aspiring DJs or professional ones the convenience of an easy start up or the portability of amazing musical pieces.


The press release was just so overwhelming that day because above everything else that were mentioned was the launch of Professional DJ Headphones. These were formulated with 5-time World’s Best DJ Winner, Armin Van Buuren. Philips and Armin came up with A5-Pro Headphones. These have superior sound isolation technology, also 50 mm drivera engineered for 3500mW power handling. They fold into a compact form for easy storage and portability, a 1.3 m cable with coiled section extending to 4.7 m. Since the company also values durability, the headphones are built from aluminum-hinged alloy steel headbands. There were also Blu-ray sound stage home theater system that boosts every TV’s sound, the HTb5580 which has the most powerful cinematic sound among all Philips home theater systems. Lastly, the Philips Fidelio sound bar, which was the very first with real surround sound form wireless detachable speakers.

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