Plants Vs. Zombies 2 review

For those that have been waiting for the 2nd installment of Plants Vs. Zombies, the wait is over ( especially for android users that dont want to but the game. ) Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is now free in the Playstore for downloads! Yehey!!!

Plants Vs Zombies 2  002

This time, they added a new twist – or an old twist – hahhaha. TimeTravel.

Crazy Dave travels back in time to eat his taco again. (play the game so you understand. )

I dont know why, but it seems Dave, lands back in time a bit farther than he wanted.

The 2nd installment of the PVZ franchsie has 3 worlds to conquer.

1. Ancient Egyt

Plants Vs Zombies 2  003

2. Pirates

Plants Vs Zombies 2  005

3. Cowboys.

So far, I’ve made it to the pirates world After a couple of days playing.

Most if not all the plants in the earlier version is there in the PVZ2, with a couple of new plants and twists.

1 is the fire breathing plant that looks like the plant that ate zombies before.

They also intruduced 2 new concepts

1. Plantfood -when you give these to plants they get new powers for a short while.

Cabbage-pult fires at all the zombies on the screen once.

Sunflower -gives out 6-7 new suns.

Peashooter – becomes a machine gun shooter with 1 big pea in the end.

Wall-nuts – becomes armored nuts

Snap dragon – flies up in the air and fires a burst of dragon breath for 6 squares.

New plants – Bloomerang and Coconut Cannon!

2. is the power ups which cost cins – you can pinch, flick or electrocute zombies.

All in all – it should provide entertainment good for a couple of weeks!

Nice work EA Games!


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