Potipot island and its surrounding resorts

Last summer, I was able to visit potipot island along with some friends.

For those who havent been able to go there, its somewhere in Zambales.


It took us about 5 hrs to get to the resort we were going to stay.

When you go to Potipot island, you have 2 choices, stay for the day, or overnight. Entrance fee for day trip is 50 or 100 pesos per head.

The sand is white enough compared to the beaches of the resorts around the island.

Its about a 5 minute boat ride from the main island.


Overnighters are allowed to pitch tents in most areas.

We stayed at a resort near the island called Dawal Resort.

Their roomrates are surprisingly very affordable.



Even their food rates are affordable.



Summer promo.


The resort also has 2 pools. One pool for slightly big kids – i guess ages 7 and up.

And the other pool for adults with 2 slides.


There are also gazebos around the pool that you can rent.

At night, there are also parties on the beach with bandsIMG_0843

You can also buy drinks and just bring it back to your villa.



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