Prepare to do more with the CloudFone Next Infinity Quattro

One of Japan’s keys to success in bringing life back to their economy way back was that they supported their own local brands. Just because it’s a local brand doesnt mean it cant compare to international brands.. just look at the name brands that Japan has come up with.. Sony.. Mitsubishi, Nissan to name a few… 

In the Philippines, we have brands that have steadily come up in the ranks and have become a force to reckon with in the Local and International Market.. one of those brands is CLOUDFONE. How did they do it? They did it by creating products that people actually needed. Among its innovations were the first Android device with mobile TV – Ice 350e in 2012, the only smartphone in the Philippines with more than 4,000mAh of battery – Thrill 430x in 2013, the first local brand to launch an Intel-powered tablet – Cloudpad 800w in 2014 and first local brand with dual boot technology – Cloudpad Epic 8.0 in 2015.

Besides product innovation, Cloudfone has also consistently partnered with exciting brands like the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Cloudfone NBA Edition Smartphone has proven just that by being able to bring the NBA experience to its consumers’ hands through exclusive content, premium merchandise, benefits and freebies in various establishments as well as free NBA League Passes for 2016-2017’s season all of which are included in each device.

Other awesome moves by Cloudfone was the Clludfone Senior Flip.. with an SOS button that alarms and automatically sends out a message when pressed.

“We’re so incredibly honored for the trust and loyalty of our patrons. More than the awards and profit, we are driven to continue creating awesome products because we’re committed to delivering awesome experiences,” says Eric Yu – CEO of Cloudfone

And now, Cloudfone has moved further in to the biggest market segment in mobile phones with The Next Infinity Series is the brand’s new lineup of smartphones that has an 18:9 Infinite Vision Display screen that lets one do and experience more with Next Infinity Quattro being the family’s flagship device.



Take Norman King for example, the first Aeta who graduated from the University of the Philippines. He was able to do more and do awesome because of his perseverance to succeed. The same values also permeate across all the photos he takes. As a photography enthusiast, he is able to do more and do awesome with Next Infinity Quattro’s quad cameras that allow him to take clearer and sharper photos that express his subjects well. The 20MP + 8MP front camera has the option for a wide-angle selfie that gives more space for the whole barkada. The 13MP + 5MP rear camera gives more depth of field for a professional looking image every time.

Whatever your trip.. be it watching movies on your phone, playing games online, or taking pictures with the front or rear cameras, the latest line up from the Next Infinity Quattro’s  with 18:9 Infinite Vision Display is sure to quench your thirst.



“We welcome you into our stores and encourage you to see, feel and experience what Cloudfone can offer. We not only design devices that meet your needs, standards and desires, we aim to create tech that complements your lifestyle and which further enhances your experience of mobile,” ends Yu.


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Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.