Project Seahorse releases iSeahorse project

The iSeahorse project was launched last Wednesday, January 15, 2014 with the help of Project Seahorse and ZSL Philipppines. The aim of the project is to help protect the seahorses.

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Funding for the project came n part from the Whitley Fund for Nature, iSeahorse- Philippines was launched at the Manila Ocean Park in Manila with Dr. Amanda Vincent, Director for Project Seahorse.

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iSeahorse Explore -is an iOS application which is free to download and ued to share photos of a seahorse.

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Did you know that seahorses re protected by Philipppine Law?

Why Seahorses?

Besides being a threatened species, so many characteristics of seahorses are so unique, like male pregnancy(Yes – its the males  that get pregnant) and that certain species mate for life. They can also be used as indicators of a healthy marine ecosystem since they make their homes in seagrasses, mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries and seaweed.

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Of the 48 seahorse species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 11 are listed as threatened, 26 as data deficient (which means not enough data to confirm conservation status)

There are 7 species of seahorse already spotted in the philippines.

In line with the conservation efforts to save the seahorses, the Expedition to Danajon Bank Project Photo Exhibit.

The Danajon bank is the only double barrier reef in the Philippines and is located off the coast of Bohol.

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You can see the beautiful pictures taken at Danajo in Manila Ocean Park printed using Canon Technology.

In attendance for the opening of the exhibit and the launch of the iSeahorse project were members of the media, students from UP Manila and UP Diliman plus other members of the private enterprises.

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