Project Wonderful of Globe is meant to reinforce commitment to Customers

Globe reinforces its commitment to the nation and its customers through its Project Wonderful.

Globe Project Wonderful004

Project wonderful has 3 main pillars or points.

1. Nation Building
2. Culture Building
3. Brand Building

Through Project Wonderful, globe aims to create a wonderful world for families and underprivileged Filipinos affected by natural calamities and Disasters.

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The event was hosted by Kris Aquino, who opted not to get paid, but have the budgeted Talent Fee be put to good use through a feeding program to be done in Albay, sponsoring lunch for a classroom of students for 1 whole year.

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Globe promises to pioneer products and services on four brand pillars:
1. Customized and personalized offers
2. Services to help live the digital lifestyle
3. stronger and faster network
4. a rewarding Globe experience.

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Keep on going Globe!



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