Qualcomm invites Techies for Round Table Meet

Who is Qualcomm? I guess everyone has at least heard of them, especially in this day and age of Smartphones.

Last February 7, 2014 , Qualcomm invited techies to join them in a round table discussion about the trends and where technology is taking us and company direction.

Representing Qualcomm were PH Senior Director for Business Development Mantosh Malhotra and Qualcomm South East Asia and The Pacific Public Relations Adrian Fu

qualcomm 2

So what did we talk about? Well, almost everything that had to do with chips for smartphones.

Primarily their new chip the Snapdragon 805 which is promised to be better in all aspects including faster charging time of around 45 minutes (full charged ) using the bundled charger and cord of course.

qualcomm 1

Here are the other things to expect from the new SnapDragon 805

  • First Ultra HD (4k) display & UI
  • First Ultra HD gaming with Adreno 420 GPU
  • First Ultra HD HEVC (h.265) hardware video encoder
  • First Gigapixel per second camera ISP
  • First 2×64-bit POP memory for fast, seamless multitasking.

Rumors has it that the 1st phone using this chip to come out will be the New Samsung Galaxy S5… lets wait and see. (It wasnt the qualcomm guys that said so – just to be straight.

Go Qualcomm!!






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