Quick Charging Portable Powerbank in 30 minutes

Today, powerbanks or portable chargers can be bought almost anywhere.. some are OEM’s, some are copies and fakes and some just rebranded from another manufacturer… When buying a powerbank, most people go for the BANG – in the sense that they go for the biggest possible mAh that they can get.. I once borrowed a friends 18,000 mAh portable charger and it took almost the whole day to charge it.. so what’s the use?

11013146_10152897100228284_7607278456273693210_nWell, here’s one powerbank that wont make you wait for the whole day or even hours in charging it so it’s ready to do the job in minutes… Yep.. Minutes.. in fact it charges the entire powerbank in less than 30 Minutes..

11205552_10152897103998284_3536877226535019736_nIt also has an indicator that shows how many percent it is already charged and how long till it gets to full charge… Cool, right?


11182070_10152897103583284_529646124207563698_nWell, one of the things that makes it different too, is that it has its own charger –  not like other portable chargers that you can use the charger you have for your smartphone to recharge it..

This heaven sent powerbank is called the Ultrapak Go – from the ultrapac series… it has a capacity of 3,000 mAh..which considering the charging time – this is one bad ass portable battery pack…

This can be bought at any PowerMac Stores or ordered online via Lazada.. the small one is at 3,000 php at the large one at 6,000 php




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