Quick Review of the AV-TV Hard Drive fro Western Digital

Well, If you work at a BPO like me, you arent home most of the time.. and most of the time that you are home, its either you are sleeping or doing household chores… Okay … hehehe. I sleep most of the time or play with my kids.

One of the biggest problems I get is that I dont get to watch my favorite shows on TV or Cable anymore since I’m mostly at work or at meetings outside.

What shows do I like watching? The voice , both the US and the Philippine version-especially the kids. Cartoons on a Saturday morning – since my kids love watchi9ng that. Teleseryes for my Mother in LAw – she really cant take it to miss even one episode – -hahaha -Nagmamdali umuwi pag nasa labas kami at di na daw niya aabutan.

Now with the AV-TV Hard Drives of Western Digital, no need to worry anymore. Just set your smart TV on record and plug it in!

Cool, right?

Best thing is that you can watch your recorded shows almost anywhere! You can watch it again on your smart tv, or plug it in your laptop. Or copy the files and transfer it to a usb and watch it on your otg capable phone or tablet. ( I havent actually tried to connect the drive directly to a tablet..)

How hard is it to set? Just plug it in the USB port – set the recording via your remote control for the TV – viola! Done!

So for those Busy Bees like me this is one device that you need connected to your TV’s – especially during Gametime!

For more about the specification – read here




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