Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2013

Last August 31, 2013, The Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation held the 2013 awarding at PICC in Manila.

Here is a picture of the 5  Awardees.

RMAF 2013 Awardees

Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi – KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission)

With the initiative of civil society and pressure from international organizations, the Indonesian government passed a law in 2002 creating Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), or the Corruption Eradication Commission.

An independent government body, KPK is enabled by a strongly-crafted law premised on the conviction that corruption is an extraordinary problem that needs to be tackled by extraordinary means. Thus KPK has a far-reaching mandate, exercising exceptional powers that range from investigation and prosecution to prevention and the coordination of agencies authorized to combat corruption. It can conduct searches and seizures, freeze assets, impose travel bans, compel cooperation from government agencies, and even intercept communications without prior judicial approval.


Lahpai, Seng Raw

A sixty-four-year-old widow and member of the Kachin ethnic minority, Lahpai Seng Raw is at the forefront in facing these challenges. The daughter of a state-level public official and a teacher, she studied psychology at Yangon University. As a student, she personally experienced the military’s abusive rule when she was detained on the suspicion that she had communications with her brother who was in the Kachin insurgency. In 1987 she began to involve herself in relief work for internally displaced peoples in the Myanmar-China border. Moving to Bangkok in 1990, she then worked as development officer-in-charge in ROKA, the Kachin Independence Organization’s humanitarian wing. In 1997, with the help of faith-based groups and non-government organizations (NGOs), Seng Raw took the bold step of establishing, in military-ruled Burma, the NGO called Metta Development Foundation.

Domingo, Ernesto

Ernesto Domingo, a seventy-six year-old physician, has dedicated his career to this challenge. A well-respected but unprepossessing specialist in hepatology and gastroenterology, Domingo has always valued the social side of his profession, devoting over four decades to the University of the Philippines-Manila (UPM) as researcher, teacher, chancellor, and university professor meritus. Passionate about science, he organized the UPM Liver Study Group and led in groundbreaking studies of viral hepatitis and liver disease which established the causative connection between chronic hepatitis-B and liver cancer.

Sarabi, Habiba

from Afghanistan.  She is being recognized for “her bold exercise of leadership to build up a functioning provincial government against great odds—intractable political adversities, a harsh and impoverished environment, and pervasive cultural discrimination—serving her people with a hopeful persistence grounded in her abiding commitment to peace and development in Afghanistan”


Shakti Samuha (“Power Group”),

from Nepal.  The organization’s founders and members are being recognized for “transforming their lives in service to other human trafficking survivors, their passionate dedication towards rooting out a pernicious social evil in Nepal, and the radiant example they have shown the world in reclaiming the human dignity that is the birthright of all abused women and children everywhere.”



We got the autographs of all 5 awardees for 2013

RMAF 2013 Awardees


Keynote Speaker for the Awarding was Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

RMAF 2013 Awardees

Here’s a shot of the Attendees

RMAF 2013 Awardees


Here are some of the other notables that attended the event.

past President Fidel V. Ramos, Sen. Jun Magsaysay, Randy David

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